Silver Sands Beach Resort in Jeddah – useful information

Silver Sands Beach Resort in Jeddah – useful information

Most of us know Egypt for its golden beaches and the blue waters of the Red Sea. But the Red Sea is not only Egypt. The most significant part of the coast, almost 1,800 km, belongs to Saudi Arabia. Also rich in coral reefs and sandy shores.

If you are not an owner of the villa on the coast, it is almost impossible to sunbathe and swim in the sea due to cultural and legal reasons. Almost because there are several resorts in Jeddah. They are privately owned, so it is acceptable to wear Western clothing, or rather not to wear them – bikinis are also allowed.

The resort I have visited is the Silver Sands Beach Resort in the north of the city, in the neighborhood called North Obhur.

Silver Sands Beach Resort – how to get there?

The rThe resort is located approx 40 km from the city center. Not many residents of Jeddah know about the place. Our hotel’s staff did not even know anything about the private resorts, neither taxi driver, so we had to use Google Maps (coordinates: 21.7727N 39.0556 E). Go towards the North Obhur district. The resort is not marked, and it looks very inconspicuously from the outside.

Silver Sands Beach Resort in Jeddah

Silver Sands Beach – Price

A single entry during the weekend costs 175 SAR (approx. 40 EUR); admission for children is 100 SAR (approx. EUR 25). There are also an annual memberships:

  • 3600 SAR plus 100 SAR per each visit
  • 5800 SAR if you want to enter only mid week
  • 7800 SAR for a sigle person to enter anytime during the week
  • 14 000 SAR for the family

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The whole place is huge. There are plenty of sunbeds, umbrellas, and showers. The resort does not rent the towels, so you have to take your own. It’s divided into two parts, the beach with shallow access to water and a small island in the middle. The second part has access from the shore directly to deep water, so it’s usually occupied by fishing or doing water sports (kite surfing, windsurfing, snorkeling). There is also a large playground for children, a restaurant, water bicycles, and a volleyball court.

Silver Sands Beach - how to get there?

Silver Sands Beach is one of the best resorts in Jeddah. The place where you can feel like on holidays. When I went there for the first time, I was quite shocked that I can wear a bikini in Saudi. The admission price is worth a day spent on the clean, sandy beach in the crystal blue water and Western resorts’ atmosphere.

Have you been there? Let me know if you like the place!

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