The art of sushi – where to find the best japanese restaurant in Riyadh?

The art of sushi – where to find the best japanese restaurant in Riyadh?

When it comes to the sushi and Asian cuisine, the answer for me is always simple: I can eat it every day. I’m not joking. That`s why I considered the time I have spent in Malaysia as my food paradise – the hotel served dim sum and sushi for breakfast, so I literally have been eating it twice a day. I can call myself a connoisseur of sushi without doubt. Fortunately, plenty of sushi places appeared during my 4 years in Riyadh. I’m happy for the increased sushi-oriented awareness!!!


The list of Sushi and Japanese restaurants in Riyadh

KAMPAI       $$$$$      ∗∗∗∗∗

Considering prices and the quality, Kampai is absolutely my best option. I always tell myself that this time will be different and I won’t order crab salad but somehow this dish always lands on my table. That`s my fixed menu option, as well as rock shrimps. The food is always fresh and tasty.

Delivery: yes

Kampai Delivery Riyadh

NOZOMI       $$$$$      ∗∗∗∗∗

Yes, Nozomi is expensive. But yes, it`s totally worth it. It`s still for me the best Japanese restaurant in Riyadh. Nice ambience and atmosphere – they play cool, pretty loud music, which is not regular thing in Saudi. It also offers professional service on the highest level. I definitely recommend for special occasion. Not only Japanese cuisine – try delicious, truffle infused mini burgers. I don’t like desserts, but I never went out from Nozomi without trying something sweet. Dress code applies.

Delivery: no

Nozomi Riyadh
Japanese restaurant Riyadh

TOKYO       $$$$$       ∗∗∗∗

It’s considered also as one of the best places to eat Japanese food in Riyadh. Live cooking, good option not only for sushi, but there is also a place, where you can eat tasty steaks. They don`t accept booking in advance, so make sure you are prepared to stand in the queue during weekends and holidays.

Delivery: no

SUSHI COUNTER in Panorama Mall       $$$$$   ∗∗∗∗

I called by this place during shopping. Without any expectations, as it`s just a restaurant in the mall. Surprisingly – the food was very tasty. Big portions and affordable prices. Maybe not the best place for a date (Oops! We are in Riyadh!), but it’s good enough to eat something while shopping or to take it home. I will come back for sure.

Sushi Counter Panorama Mall
Sushi Panorama Mall
sushi Riyadh

SUSHI ART       $$$$$      ∗∗∗∗∗

It’s quite new place in Riyadh, pretty known franchise restaurant all over Europe and United Arab Emirates. Nice, modern decor and good choice for food. It's OK, but for the same price I would go to Kampai. Unless you need a change.

Sushi Art Riyadh
sushi in Riyadh

SUSHI YOSHI       $$$$$      ∗∗∗∗∗

One of the most famous and inexpensive sushi restaurants in Riyadh. Good choice for delivery and large selection of food. It’s worth checking for budget-friendly sushi dinner.

Delivery: yes. 4 branches around Riyadh.

SHOGUN       $$$$$      ∗∗∗∗∗

We went there on the weekend and the restaurant was totally empty, which is definitely not the best sign. It`s one of the oldest sushi places in town, apparently its best times are over. However, the service was very friendly and there are the tables for live cooking. Good choice if you need a private and quiet atmosphere. For me it’s a bit too expensive for the quality and amount of food and to compare to competition.

Delivery: no. Restaurant inside of Radisson Blu hotel.

Shogun Riyadh
Shogun Restaurant
Shogun Prices
Magic milkshake anyone? Nightlife in Thailand.

Magic milkshake anyone? Nightlife in Thailand.

Thailand is a very diverse country. And quite touristic. Although you can still find some uninhabited paradise islands, the first thing that comes to my mind is the pilgrimage of tourists and the Hangover movie. You can not complain about the lack of nightlife in the most touristic places. I would even risk saying that Thailand is mainly divided into “a bit of” partying and “a bit of more”. If you are a supporter of Option No. 2, I recommend taking a look at the following locations.


The best places for nightlife in Thailand


Usually it`s the first place to reach in Thailand. The main bar attraction: Khao San Road. Mecca of backpackers, but not only. The best choice when it comes to low-budget partying. You can simply buy a bucket with a cocktail and sit on the street. Another place, Sukhumvit Road is the loudest and colorful street in Bangkok. Filled with clubs, cocktail bars and famous go-go clubs. And now the option for a bit more picky – sky bars, with a fantastic city view. You need to search them a bit, because they are scattered all over Bangkok. The best known ones are Sky Bar, Sky Train Jazz Club and Moon Bar.

And if you want to feel like in a movie, I recommend the Hangover Tour. You will visit bars mentioned in a show and some other popular clubs. I wonder if someone once finished it sober 😊

bangkok nightlife

Koh Phangan

Known from the series of the most recognizable events in Thailand, Full Moon Parties, held on the beaches of the local town – Hat Rin. For a week, this small island is flooded with thirty thousand people from all over the world. However, if you could not make it at Full Moon Party, nothing is lost. Twice a month there are also organized Half Moon Parties taking place in the middle of the island, in the jungle. In addition, the island is full of cosy bars. If you like reggae and plan to stay in the north, I recommend Rasta Baby.

koh phangan nightlife

Koh Phi Phi

Homeland of whiskey and other cocktails sold in buckets.  Open 24 hours a day, because there is always a hotel or a bar organizing the pool party. Clubs by the beach, clubs in the town, bars of all kinds. Due to the amazing scenery, it is the perfect place for an organized boat party. They take partygoers to the most beautiful places around the island, with the possibility of snorkeling or jumping from the rocks. Do not worry, with the life jacket, so you can only fall asleep in the water and forget that you hold a drink in your hand.

Koh phi phi nightlife


Next capital of go-go clubs and ping pong shows. A small Bangkok. There is always something going on in every part of the island, but the biggest party people should visit Bangla Road in Phuket Town. The place welcome you with loud music, neon lights, pubs, go-go bars, and beaters inviting you to ping-pong and lady boy shows.

Phuket go go bary

P.S. If you have reached the end of this text and still have not found the answer – about magic mushroom shake ask in Koh Lanta or Koh Phi Phi.

Nightlife in Thailand
Luxury in the middle of African bush – Kisampa Bush Retreat in Saadani National Park

Luxury in the middle of African bush – Kisampa Bush Retreat in Saadani National Park

The best place for short safari from Zanzibar – Saadani National Park

Saadani is one of the smallest and youngest national park in Tanzania. There are two reasons why it is worth to go there – it is not as populated as Serengeti or Mikumi parks and it`s the closest national park from Zanzibar, so you can go for a short safari in 2-3 days without spending most of time traveling. Within the park or in its immediate vicinity there are only 4 places where you can find accommodation. Kisampa Bush Retreat is one of them.

Sunset with savannah view

Kisampa Bush Retreat – our experience

The lodge is located on the border of the national park, on the top of a hill with an amazing view of the African savannah. It`s not usual luxury hotel, actually does not look like hotel at all. It is more cameral place, consisting 8 open, thatched huts (bandas) – kitchen, reception with dining area and 6 individual bandas for guests. Each of them are surrounded by bush and completely separated from the rest, so guests can have quiet and privacy. Lack of electricity, running water and walls give the opportunity to cut off from civilization and get closer to nature at the maximum level.



When we arrived it turned out that we are alone in the lodge. Alone means only us and six crew – chef, cooking dishes according to our tastes and arrangements, manager Bori, guide Umari, driver and waiters. All incredibly nice and helpful, filling the time showing us the area and at the same time giving us freedom and appearing only when they were needed. During these 2 full days we managed to do safari, canoeing on the river, bushwalk at sunset and trip to the nearby village.


Dining room, reception and relaxation place in the same banda

Dining room, reception and relaxation place in the same banda


The lodge is owned by an Australian doctor who has been very involved in the life of the surrounding community and a part of Kisampa`s income is devoted to support the people of nearby villages by building solar batteries and equipping schools.

Practical information

How to get there? There is an airstrip in the national park, used by local carriers like Coastal Aviation (direct flights also from Zanzibar). You can order transfer from airstrip to Kisampa at an additional cost. Traveling by car from Dar Es Salaam is about 300 km (5.5 hours).

There is no WiFi in the lodge and electricity in bandas but you can charge your devices in the recreational area. If needed, the crew may also arrange laundry.


Matipwilli village

A local library built with the help of Kisampa

School classroom

Matipwilli kids


Certainly the nicest people we have met in Tanzania



My impressions

A morning warm bucket shower under the open sky, delicious breakfast overlooking the savanna or a night bonfire in the middle of the bush are just few moments that will surely remain in a memory for a long time. Although the park itself did not impress me, because it was not my first safari, Kisampa was very relaxing stay. The village Matipwilli, completely without tourists, stands out with its authenticity and extreme cordiality.


Hipsters paradise – Lx Factory in Lisbon

Hipsters paradise – Lx Factory in Lisbon

Created in 2008, so not that new place on Lisbon`s map. But fortunately, still not flooded with thousands of tourists. Lx Factory – meeting place for artists, aesthetics, hipsters or anyone who prefers looking for something new, fresh or less repetitive. For me it`s ‘not to miss’ in Lisbon`s list of attractions.

Originally as the name suggests, it was a factory, or rather a complex of factories created in 1846 in the district of Alcantara. After the bankruptcy of the last companies occupying buildings, the city decided to turn them into a lively place, where everyone could find something for themselves. A corner for artists seeking inspiration, cafes and restaurants with delicious food (not only Portugese but also vegan, fusion and many others), flea market full of interesting items, stands with handcrafts, young designers shops, market with organic products, pastry shops, bars, interior design shops and many others.  Lx Factory in Lisbon is also a space for events, concerts and vernissages. And all of this in modern-industrial-artistic atmosphere. 

Ler Devagar Bookstore

As my favorite place in Lx Factory, Ler Devagar bookstore deserves a separate paragraph. Originally founded in Barrio Alto district, after being relocated to Lx Factory. It was named by NY Times and others  ‘one of the most beautiful and magical bookstore in the world’. Three floors filled with books but also with sculptures and old printing machines. The most famous is ‘The flying bicycle’, which catches the eye immediately upon entering the building. Ler Devagar bookstore is also a great place to have coffee or a meeting – on the ground floor and first floor there is a café.

However, for me the biggest magic happens on the second floor. Checking out of curiosity, I found there an older gentleman, confusingly similar to Geppetto. He was telling something with great passion to a small number of people as curious as I am. And all this surrounded by strange machines, looking as copied from the notebook of Leonardo Da VinciIt turned out that this is Pietro Proserpio. Artist, inventor and wizard. He was explaining and demonstrating his eccentric inventions. And all this in twilight, on the top floor of an extraordinary bookstore. For a moment I felt like I had moved to another age.

Ler Devagar Bookstore – opening hours:
Mon: 12:00 – 21:00; Tu-Thu: 12:00 – 24:00; Fri – Sat: 12:00 – 02:00; Sun: 11:00 – 21:00

Lx Factory in Lisbon – practical information

How to get there: Lx Factory is located under  “25th April” bridge, in  Alcantara district. The closest bus stop is Calvário. I took taxi from Belem.

Opening hours: oficially Lx Factory is open from 6 AM till 4 AM. Shops usually close around 8 PM. Restaurants, cafes and bars are open until late night. It is worth to come around afternoon and stay untill evening. There is flea market on Sunday.