If you are thinking of Zanzibar and imagining blue water, white sand and palm trees you hit the nail on the head. You can even add floating starfishes to your dreams. And if you want to make your dream come true, there is a list of places which are the closest to the ideals from postcards:


The wide, sandy beaches on the north coast of the island. White sand, azure water and perfect place for swimming all day – tides are not that strong as on the eastern side of the island, so you don`t have to walk a kilometer from the shore to swim. Beautiful sunsets that can be seen also on the high seas with a rented fishing boat. Near Kendwa there are several reefs so it’s a good place for snoorkling as well.



The beaches are narrower than couple kilometers away in Kendwa but encouraging with turquoise water, white sand and friendly atmosphere, thanks to the beach bars in “hakuna matata” style.

Going further to the north, moving away from the typical tourist places, you can run into a fishing village. It is worth to come in the morning to see amazing view of the fishing boats “parked” on the shore, waiting for the evening tide to go again on a night fishing trip and fishermen resting and repairing their nets. And if you desire to buy freshly caught fish, there is a fish market around 50 meters from the beach, at the beginning of the village.

Nungwi is also the best place when it comes to nightlife.
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Paje is a different story. Located on the eastern shore of the island is known for its ideal conditions for kitesurfing, due to strong tides. As a result, the village has typical surf atmpsphere but also wonderful, idyllic landscapes.  During the day, the water at the shore is very shallow, so if you want to swim you have to walk a bit. It`s worth to stay couple of days to try kitesurfing.

Tip: If you have not selected kite school before and you care about low prices as much as quality you should go a bit towards Jambiani, skipping the largest and most popular kitesurfing schools. Few minutes walk from the main entrance to the beach there is a small wooden hut with rental and kite school. If you can not find it, ask for the instructor nicknamed King Salomon. He is very good teacher and prices are much lower than in other places.


Option for those seeking less crowded places. This peaceful village is located about 10 minutes drive from Paje. Good place to spend a honeymoon. All shades of turquoise water, white sand and picturesque, underwater algae plantations. Peace, quiet and relax away from the crowds and the big chain hotels.


According to many sources, including Lonely Planet guide, the beach in Ponwge is considered one of the most beautiful and close to the ideal landscape. As calm as Jambiani, 5 km away from the larger and louder village of Kiwengwa.