Every year the Black Rock desert in American state of Nevada turns its sands into a bustling city. At first glance a city full of oddly dressed people, surreal installations, loud music and cosmic vehicles. Or maybe the city of modern hippies, freedom expressed in every possible way and celebration of life in each of its aspects. City of multicultural community which follows its own rules. Rules created to be a better version of reality.

No, Burning Man is not a typical music festival, which main attraction are live concerts. There is no lineup, sponsors and fast food booths. But anyway thousands of tickets are sold out in just a few minutes.

Burning Man is a place where the community from around the world meet once a year, building a self-sufficient city. A place where you can express yourself through art, music and dance and exceed the limits of imagination. Population without religion or money but guided by 10 principles.

The idea of the festival emerged already in 1986. Starting with a few friends on the beach in San Francisco, the festival has grown to an event for approx. 90,000 of participants.

It doesn`t matter where you come from, what your skin color or religion areOn Burning Man you can meet either older people or newly-born children. Everyone can find something for himself regardless why he went there.  It may be an opportunity to know and associate with fascinating people from all over the world with a similar worldview, crazy parties at sunrise, meditation during a sandstorm or getting lost on a bike somewhere between great and surreal sculptures.  All of art installations and events are organized by the participants.  At the end of the week most of them are burnt, as well as the greatest symbol of the event – a wooden, giant sculpture of the man, set in the central part of the festival. 

And yes, it‘s true that most of the people who came back from Burning Man have somehow changed. It is not about switching to veganism and meditating all day. It’s about finding the joy of life in simple activities and transfer everything we have learned in the past few days to our everyday lives. And then remains only the countdown to the next edition of the festival.