Are you dreaming about becoming a cabin crew, but you don’t know where to start? Or maybe you already fly, and you need to move your career forward? For the person who is not yet working for aviation, it might be hard to find out where to search for a job as a flight attendant. And for us already flying, the options sometimes are overwhelming.

Checking general job websites like Indeed or Jooble, it’s always a good idea if you search for a 9 to 5 position, but not the only one and the most effective for the future cabin crew. But there are many ways to find a flight attendant job. I gathered all of them under the one post and listed them below:  

Cabin crew job offers – where to find them?

Aviation job websites

This is where you should start. There are few services which gather advertisements from all around the world, dedicated to aviation only:

All Flying Jobs

Aviation Job Search

Latest Pilot Jobs


Better Aviation


OSM Aviation

Airline websites for cabin crew job offers

If you are interested in working for a specific airline, it’s a must to check their website. Many of them are the best source to find out about upcoming hiring events or the full recruitment process. Some of the airlines already have their E-recruiting portals. Many of them, like Emirates airlines, explain details about working conditions and salary,  accommodation, benefits, or give you hints on how to dress for an interview. You can also leave your contact or CV, and be informed about the next assessment days happening in your location.

Some of the big airlines and their recruitment websites:


Qatar Airlines




Turkish Airlines

Wizz Air


British Airways

Easy Jet

TUI Airways


American Airlines

United Airlines 

Facebook groups with flight attendant job offers and discussions

Good source not only to find job opportunities but as well to ask questions and share experiences. There are many thematic groups for specific airlines and general topics.

The question of how to become a cabin crew is one of the most popular ones I receive. So I am happy to announce that I started a Facebook group related to the cabin crew topic, both Commercial and VIP. This will be the space where you can find job offers, reach me to ask questions and for us to share our experiences and advice.

Will be happy if you join us here:

Become a Flight Attendant. Cabin crew recruitment by OlaSupertramp

And here you can find more groups:


All Cabin Crew – Airport, Flight Attendant Jobs

Future Flight Attendant

Flight Attendant Secret Files

Cabin Crew Jobs

Professional Corporate Cabin Crew

Cabin Crew Jobs Aviation

flight attendant job offers


Linkedin is a fantastic platform to find a job in aviation. There are groups, similar to Facebook, where people share offers and discuss about recruitment. It’s essential to keep your profile updated, especially if you are already experienced in flying. There are airlines and aviation recruiters who search for potential candidates via Linkedin. I sometimes get those messages with the invitation for the interview for private airlines.

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If you are experienced, you can search for a job actively, find aviation agencies, and contact recruiters on Linkedin. And if you already got a job offer, you can find someone already working for the airline to answer your questions or dispel your doubts about accepting the job. Remember only to be subtle and not too spammy.  

Linkedin groups for the cabin crew job offers:

Cabin Crew Jobs

Cabin crew jobs –

Aviation Jobs

How to become a cabin crew

Airline flight crew

Flight crew finder LTD

Airline cabin attendants community

VIP flight attendants

Flight attendant career guide

Corporate Aviation professionals

Flight and cabin crew member network

Aviation Forums

This form slowly becomes a thing of the past, but when I started looking for a job as a cabin crew, groups on Facebook were not so popular (if they existed at all). All discussions were taking place on online forums.  You can still find them as a good source of knowledge about recruitments and flight attendant job offers, especially if you are looking for something locally. These two are worth checking:

Cabin Crew Forum

Cabin Crew 24

Friends and friends of friends

Most of us know someone who already works as a cabin crew. If you do, it’s an excellent opportunity to ask about the overall experience or tips for the interview.  Employees usually know if the airline is going to recruit new people soon, so you can find out if new opportunities are coming.

The possibilities are endless, and the list of places where you can find flight attendant job offers is continually changing. I will be grateful if you share your sources in the comment!

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